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Hello and welcome to my web site. My name is David Entwistle and I live in the village of Goosnargh, near Preston,  England. The information on this site represents a compilation of coursework carried out as part of my GCSE Astronomy and Advanced Astronomy studies, taken as a correspondence course at The Planet:Earth Centre

What's New

Colorgramme thumbnail Radio meteor results have been updated. (8th March 2008).
SBV analysis thumbnail Meteor shower radio data analysis page updated (04th January 2008).
NLC thumbnail Picture of Noctilucent cloud (NLC) added. (28th June 2007). 
Eclipsed Moon thumbnail Photograph of the 2007 March 03 Lunar eclipse added (10th March 2007)
Fireball spectrum thumbnail Fireball report added. (20th Nov 2006)
PDVD_017.jpg (11365 bytes) Sequence of images of a fireball recorded by Ian McAdam on the night of 20th November 2005 (28th May 2006).
Graphical representation showing the geometrical effectiveness of a typical forward-scatter system added  (27th December 2005).
I've reproduced an extract from Alastair McBeath's excellent WGN article: The Forward Scatter Meteor Year: 2001 Update. (2nd August 2005)
Photograph of an auroral arc taken on the 21st January 2005. (21st January 2005)
A picture of Comet C/2001 Q4 NEAT added to the photos section. (14th August 2004). The photo is from 16th May, 2004.
An examination of meteor radiant derivation and radiant drift. (17th June 2004)
Photographs of the  transit of Venus have been added to the photo gallery. (16th June 2004).